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Master Key System : Week 23/24

As I’m approaching the final few of weeks of this coarse, I am becoming more aware of things around me and the effects of my thoughts and emotions.

I’m reading through Haanal scroll vii and I’m learning how to be a master of my emotions. This week I’m concentrating on the last virtue on the list ‘DECISIVENESS

This fits quite well because from what I have been studying this week we can influence and change our emotions. Being able to choose the mood that’s best suited to a situation is one of the skills of emotional intelligence. Choosing the right mood can help you control whatever situation you’re in.

All nature is a circle of moods and I am part of nature and so, like tides,  moods will rise; and moods will fall..

…..So how will I master these emotions so that each day will be a happy one and a productive one?

By bringing joy and enthusiasm and brightness and laughter to people around me …

… I know that this is a journey that is ever changing and evolving….

…. To give and not expect, but to know somewhere some how we get what we give….The law of success is service and for this reason we should consider it a great privilege to be able to give..

I want to learn the secret of the ages…I see that a person is weak if they let their thoughts control their actions. Creative thought does indeed require attention. Attention develops concentration, and concentration develops spiritual power, and spiritual power is the mightiest force in existence. I recently found out that having an active, distraction defence system is key. Taking back control of ones attention and life will increase potential, mind focus and productivity. This is why a DMP is so important. Focussing on one main area or WHATS MOST IMPORTANT filters out unnecessary temptations to get off track and waste precious time. Prevention is the only cure!

We have been on this MKMMA journey for 6 months and I am now really starting to understand all the progressions that Mark and Davene have been teaching us to work through. I have come quite far in the past 6 months but I think I will have to repeat the coarse a second time. I still have a lot to learn.

So I will follow a plan of battle:-

If I feel depressed I will sing.

If I feel sad I will laugh.

If I feel ill I will double my labour.

If I feel fear I will plunge ahead.

If I feel inferior I will wear new garments.

If I feel uncertain I will raise my voice.

If I feel poverty I will think of wealth to come.

If I feel imcomplacent i will remember my past success.

If I feel insignificant I will remember my goals.


Master Key System : Week 22a

It  was break week last week for our webinar and I have written this blog a little late. I’ve been busy putting into practice some skills I have learnt so I can build my online business.  I had targets to reach and I did reach them, which is awesome.

As I’m progressing through the last stages of the MKMMA course I’m feeling more in control of my own destiny. It’s been an amazing journey full of awe and wonder…

I have enjoyed the process and as a result I’m becoming a more confident – self directed thinker.

… This was the plan all along…

The law by which my thoughts are pictured upon my mind will eventually become my own.  I have come to know that thinking is a spiritual process, that vision and imagination proceeds’ action and events.

When I take a look back at how I was before, I know I have come a long way but I also know I still have a distance to travel. The faint voice inside is calling me now louder and clearer. I’m able to search deep within to find the hidden answers that were lingering…

… waiting to surface.. 

When I remain still my soul speaks. My heart and mind works to be in alignment and the conscious and subconscious are but two phases of action in connection with one mind.  I want my actions which follow the mind to develop the most desirable virtues and the attainment of perhaps the most pure character, full of love and service to others.  

I  know what I want to do with my life…  What’s really important to me. Who I should be…

The character virtues are ever present in me but they need nurturing so they can grow….. I must put my knowledge into practice for nothing can be accomplished in any other way!!

I’ve been reading books and lessons weekly, learning new skills but unless I begin to use those skills by actual work how can I master them?


we will eventually get exactly what we give; but we will have to give it first.  It will then return to us many fold, and the giving is simply a mental process, because thoughts are causes and conditions are effects; therefore in giving thoughts of courage, inspiration, health or help of any kind we are setting causes in motion which will bring about effect 

… So here comes the ultimate test of endurance, commitment and persistence.

… It is within reach..

My goals and dreams are present in my visions of the near and distant future.

I keep focussing on the question ”What would the person that I want to become do next?”

My future self does exist in my imagination – through design – right now. She appears in my sits my DMP my Blueprint Builder and  my daily Haanal readings. She is growing daily.

I no longer feel insignificant bound by the constraints of chance. I don’t have to be someone that picks up the crumbs left over from a Hero’s table…  but I too can become…

…  a Hero in my own journey …

Hero’s are made by the paths we choose not the powers we are graced with.. 


Now I look forward to the days ahead with enthusiasm. This is the virtue I’m concentrating on this week. I’m  staying focused in my own lane. I now choose to run my own race. No longer am I in competition with another…

The only competition is ‘Myself‘ … 
Procrastination’ … ‘Ego’ … ‘Neglected knowledge’… ‘Negative Behaviour’ that I nurture or ‘Lack of Creativity’ …
… What’s important is aiming to be a better person than I was yesterday …
… always improving &
… always growing !!


Master Key System : Week 22

This weeks task in the MKMMA Mastermind Alliance was to be silent for an extended period of time. This couldn’t have come at a more ‘well timed’ period. The kids are back at school and I have a few days off work.

This silence included NO TV, NO Phone, No Social Networking Sites, Music And the biggest for me is talking!!!

The Virtue I will be exercising alongside this is ‘Self Control because I’m gonna need this to get through the silence effectively !!!


… so by now you most likely get the picture, this is going to be a massive challenge.

I can utilise however, the fact that my phone is on its way out. The charging port is extremely temperamental which means I have to fiddle with it for quite some time before the light shows an active charge. I then have to leave it ‘off’ in a carefully placed position out the way…

… one nudge and the charging goes to pot.

So being totally and completely silent… What should I do?

A day trip in nature is just what the doctor orders. I have always loved being outside especially when I can hear the birds singing, the rustling of the trees in a gentle breeze and the sound of water flowing in a nearby stream.

It helps me quieten my mind and hear my soul speak.

I’ve been “sitting” and meditating for a while now, but going out like this gives me moments where my mind gets even more quiet, and it’s a wonderful space to be in… perhaps days like these will help me find more answers when I meditate.


What a week.. I didn’t realise just how much I missed doing this. I must do this more regularly. I feel calm and happy. The feeling of being at peace in nature is a good thing. … and there was a beautiful view of the whole area.


Mark J and the fabulous Davene said “You’re going on a treasure hunt!”…

… So what exactly is this treasure? What am I trying to find?

The treasure is the gift we can give to others of course! The gift present in all our hearts ..and we can share these by blessing other people in the world around us !!

I must admit for quite a few months I have been trying to work out what I want my gift to be, and I keep lulling it over in my mind. I know that I have a gift of touch and healing when I perform my aromatherapy, massage and beauty treatments but there’s more to me I just know it. I want to find out what this is and I am willing to take part in this silent treasure hunt in order to do so.

So this week, that’s what I did…

… It was a lovely day!!! I felt free and at one with myself. I felt lighter in spirit and not as stressed as usual. It was a beautiful day outside and the sun was shining. The view around me was breathtaking. I did the activities that I liked to do and when I returned home I rested because it was my time…

…A time to slow down and relax..

… a time to think and be still.

I felt really grateful that I took the time for myself. I enjoyed taking pictures of the beautiful views. (I couldn’t help sneek the phone for capturing these moments!!)  Another memory was created…

Next morning I was off work and I felt refreshed from the day before. My time had ran out but where was my treasure?!

I still had not found it yet…It wasn’t until the end of the week it sprung forth!!

I started  thinking about how my my definite major purpose had evolved somewhat.  My blogging has become a weekly habit.  I Love to write about my experiences and I continually get massive inspiration from reading other peoples blogs.  Things go round and round in my mind and I relate to these  people by linking my life to their wise words.  Could there possibly be a door open in my life for developing this skill. Maybe I could reach the hearts of many with my writing?



And then…

The answer came to me!


I wanted to reach and teach others with what I had learnt…

I’ve always known deep in my heart I have the gift of healing, and writing could possibly be another way I could touch people’s lives. As well as being a physical therapist  I could be a therapist of the mind and spirit..


Yes that’s it..

… and its already the title of my wordpress account!!

I am able to teach others HOW to be holistically healthy!! It does’t stop with the body. The health of the mind and the spirit is just as important.   This course had only deepened my knowledge.

As a believer in God I feel deep within that he has given me the skill of a being a therapist to be a blessing to others.  I don’t have to think about it… I put my hands to work and the magic flows…I have trained for many years in this field…  It only makes sense that I want to heal people with my words as well as my hands. Not only that, but I also want to be known as one of the greatest. Not in an egotistical way… I always want to be the best at whatever I do, that’s why I keep learning.

That gift that I’ve been given, that gift of healing and blessing other people with my knowledge…I want to gift to others. I want to do that for other people. It just makes Sense. And it feels right. It feels like me… the authentic me…

I found some of the TREASURE…. is there more waiting to surface … ?

… only time will tell

… quiet time

For now …my blogging continues…

…and my quest for more knowledge to increase my skills to succeed in my online business has been decided?


… i will grow

… and I will help many others!!


Master Key System : Week 21

My children are off school for a weeks holiday and I have a lot to be getting on with. My eldest is off to stay at her grandparents for 7 out of the 10 days to study for Mock Exams. I have two noisy boys at home. There is no school run.
It’s a chance to get up early morn and slay the day. I’m now concentrating on the virtue of ‘persistence’ I usually get a lot of work done before they wake in the holidays so this is a very productive time in the day for me. During this time I am working on my business. I have a lot of samples to be getting out to people. This is a new venture and I am excited and fearful at the same time…Is it my time now to succeed? Will I reach my goals? …Am I capable? …

I have decided to make it so!!!

I’ve been watching videos about Go90Grow and i’m going to be using ALL of the skills I have already learnt from Mark J in this weeks webinar. All the things he said have been going round in my mind…Now is the Time…

To USE the Skills…

I’ve known for quite some time that Applied Knowledge Yields Results. It’s about creating our own luck.

Luck isn’t success or failure apparently brought by chance but through your own actions !!!!

Think of it this way, ‘We make our own LUCK when a person :-

L abors
U nder
C orrect
K nowledge

It’s not your effort that produces results it’s effort combined with SKILLS that produces results.

The right education leads to wealth, health and prosperity!

I’m a firm believer of this and I am ready to DO IT!!!

What was holding me back for so long?

ALLLLLLL those negative feelings that I talked about in my blog last week….

… I wrote about them knowing that I have experienced ALL of those negative feelings many many times….and now I see

……now I understand!!!

We can indeed use these as tools to our advantage!!!


Masterminding around this subject has been a great blessing the last two weeks. This is a very good way of getting the members to recognise their negative feelings and deal with them in a practical way. We get to share our challenges, bounce off each others strengths and learn off each others temporary shortfalls. I love the way Mark and Davene have encouraged us to mastermind like this. The whole exercise makes me feel like i’m not alone in my struggles. I feel comfortable being open and vulnerable within the group. We are all working in harmony. I see loving kindness, advice and direction. Other people have some amazing ways of using their guilt, fear, anger and hurt feelings as tools that I hadn’t even thought of before. I found this very valuable.

In the webinar this week we also listened to our guides talk about Miracles in the world around. I heard some incredible stories. I see that Miracles do exist… People are having breakthroughs – sometimes major breakthroughs …


It’s definitely happening in the world all around us to see everyday if we only take the time to look. They lie in the hearts of people and are shown with the whispers of their kind words and actions.

I feel that as a believer in Christianity people are vessels for Gods continuous work ”if they choose to be”

I believe that the kingdom of heaven with all it miracles is right here inside us and i see that God continues to work in unexpected ways to reveal himself to us all. I agree, we are likened to his image. The kingdom of Heaven is indeed at hand and we have the power to bring out the kingdom of Heaven that’s inside us, and be the miracle in someone else’s life when we go about doing good.

Master Key System : Week 20

This week I’m Learning to use feelings of Fear, Guilt, Anger, Hurt and Unworthiness as tools instead of letting them stop me in my tracks whilst i’m walking along my own unique path of

‘The Hero’s journey’…

This is a great opportunity to continue to work on and develop the ‘virtue’ of a ‘pleasing personality and start introducing the virtue of ‘imagination‘ by really zooming in on my definite major purpose with my sits and really designing my dreams in fine detail.

A pleasing personality is not something we’re born with. It’s something we can choose to develop throughout our lives. It’s encouraging to know the traits of a pleasing personality are within the reach of the humblest person. Regardless of age, physical stature, race, social environment or habitat, you can choose to develop a pleasing personality. It all starts with taking a personal inventory of who you are and then committing to change bad habits into good ones and improving on the good habits you have.

I have been visiting the Master Mind section in our members area where people are experiencing all kinds of challenges in their everyday lives.

All their comments have inspired my blog for this week. They are awesome people who are tapping into the Hero that lies within, some of whom I now mastermind with.

At some time in the journey we call ‘LIFE’ we all experience challenges weather they are in our chosen careers or personal lives. The difference is how we SEE the challenges we face and HOW we decide to move through them.

I believe as I write this that ‘Most’ people choose to stick around the comfort of the ‘KNOWN’ … I was someone who saw myself as a victim and ok with accepting that I’m only worthy of being small. What a big fat lie I was telling myself. Unfortunately Most people also become complacent and content with the patterns they’re in. The distress of my procrastination and staying in a situation seemed less than the distress of changing my situation. I knew it meant real change from the inside. All the self development I am going through now has been a journey that started from within.

I want to share some powerful information on how to use the uncomfortable feelings we have been looking at as tools to help our growth rather than roadblocks that hold us back in life….They have a big impact because they can stop us reaching our potential… Alternatively we can utilise these feelings resulting in finding the hero inside ourselves so we can shine.

Fear– Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm…this is something that I have faced in countless situations. When we are in this state we seem to be in a heightened state of awareness. When our safety is being threatened we are extremely present in the moment or perceived danger in front of us. We are very good at being laser focused to get us out of a potentially harmful event or to fight it…and all other distractions seem to be unimportant in comparison and therefore pushed to one side or ignored completely. What I discovered is awesome… Most people think fear means fu*k everything and run. And unfortunately, most people never break out of this misinformed, painful mind state….

It’s not about getting over your fear but getting into your fear!! It’s a sensation in our body… Its actually excitement with the breaks on!!! I heard that learning how to party with your fear by letting yourself go and riding the fear is key… I found out that the way to use this fear as a tool would be to focus the tonne of energy that we feel, and direct it solely towards what our Definite Major Purpose in life is. Converting the fear thoughts racing around in our minds into action such as clarity and speed using the part of the brain called the reticular activating system is supposed to help. We can let the fear carry concentration and focus. It’s responsible for filtering in and filtering out information, so when you have a real crystal clear picture of your Dreams or Career that part of your brain will help you bring your dreams into reality. it actually becomes a partner.

Guilt- Guilt is an emotion that people experience because they’re convinced they’ve caused some sort of harm. The thoughts cause the emotions. The guilt of emotion follows directly from the thought that you are responsible for someone else’s misfortune, whether or not this is the case. We can accept our guilt and embrace it because its a good indication that our conscience is at work. It’s good for us because it shows we care … when we do something wrong we feel bad…which is a good indication that we are actually good people. Instead of beating ourselves up we can develop compassion. I have researched this a little as I wasn’t sure how to use this as a tool at first and this is what I came up with…

We can direct this emotion as energy to push us towards our Definite Major Purpose like our anger can. When we feel guilt, some powerful questions to ask would be…

“What am I afraid of?”
‘What am I pretending not to know?”
“What would the person I intend to become do next?”

When you can answer these questions like all the members of MKMMA are doing daily in the Scholarship programme then you can really begin to get to know yourself… your authentic self…and then the Hero in you will emerge….

Anger– After reading some blogs from some amazing people this week I realise anger doesn’t need to stop us from pushing through our comfort zones at all. Lets face it we all FEEL anger and it’s natural to do so but we can CHOOSE to send our anger and direct it towards our Definite Major Purpose instead. All feelings have energy and we can use this energy as a tool for CHANGE rather than a tool for REVENGE. It can motivate us to move in the direction of our goals. It’s rather like a fuel to drive us to living the self directed lives of meaning and Purpose that we crave to experience when we hear our call.

Hurt feelings– I will be honest…I have been hurt by many people in my time because they said or did this or that or believed this or that about me. I see that i must be willing to USE my hurt feelings as a tool to push beyond my comfort zone and remind myself how much I care about what I want to achieve in life and not the judgement and opinions of others…
… I want to focus instead on my Definite Major Purpose and how I can move more towards achieving my goals. I’m also bearing in mind that i’m not responsible for the thoughts and actions of others but only of my own. Its been a hard lesson but i’m working on it.

Unworthiness- So one of the biggest struggles I’ve been wanting to overcome or eliminate are immense feelings of unworthiness. Over the past couple of years since starting my journey in the Network Marketing Industry I have been asking questions such as… Do I Have anything Special to Offer other people? I realise now more than ever that, the problem isn’t that I didn’t or don’t have anything special to offer. The problem is that I kept thinking that I needed something, other than what I had, in order to start. I kept spending money on systems that didn’t work out. I kept catching the classic case of ‘Shiny object syndrome’ rather than focusing on my ‘passion’ and working from within. I kept procrastinating because I felt I was unworthy of being someones upline as a newbie…or not successful enough to lead ect…

…All we ever needed was what we have. Starting with what we have, where we are is all a person can do…

…So i’m going to Stop waiting…and Start starting. I am confident that if I keep putting in the work, I will improve, gain clarity, and uncover what works for me and my personality.

I’m starting to see the gifts I have inside which creates blessings for others. We can’t be everything to everyone. We are worthy of ANYTHING but not EVERYTHING The beauty of life is that we get to CHOOSE what skills we want to develop and who we want to become. I’m Focusing on my PASSION. I Realise the need to focus on the main things that will drive Me towards my Dharma and my Definite Major Purpose…

Emma x